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Dan & Sunny


Please celebrate our wedding with us by donating to one or both of the following charities:

The Alex Patafio Scholarship at Georgia State University College of Law

Alexandra (Alex) Marie Patafio passed away tragically on Friday, October 7, 2022. She was a classmate and friend of Dan's. Alex was a dedicated public interest law student and a tireless advocate for the underserved, a supportive friend, and someone filled to the brim with righteous indignation about the injustices of the world.Because of Alex's dedication to criminal defense and helping those without the funds to hire an attorney, the scholarship in her honor will be for law students who also have a passion for public defense.

The Bessie Branham Park Renewal Project

Kirkwood's beloved Bessie Branham Park turns 100 years old next year. Harriet and her family have spent countless hours at the park which is the heart of Kirkwood. Our community is raising money to accomplish these goals:

  • create a new playground

  • install a new playground surface

  • correct water runoff, pooling, and erosion issue

  • restore the architecturally unique Urban Treehouse (built in the shape of the U.S.!)

  • recreate Bessie Branham's historic SW corner as the functional and visual entrance to the park

  • upgrade the ball diamond to meet standards for regulation softball play

(Select Bessie Branham Park in the "Name of Park" dropdown menu.)

Thank You!!

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